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There are many ways to support the work we do.  Whether you donate from our wish lists, participate in a donation drive, come to an event, or donate directly, we are grateful for your time, treasure and talent!

Donation Jar

We greatly appreciate your direct donations to our mission.  Donations to Okeechobee Healthy Start are tax deductible and will make a deep impact on our ability to deliver services throughout our area.  Click here to donate.  And don't forget to ask your employer if they match funds!

Volunteer Using Sign Language

We love volunteers!  From time to time, we hold events, fundraisers, drives for goods, and many other types of activities.  Your talents are valued at Healthy Start.  Fill out our Volunteer Interest Form and we can connect you with the right opportunities for you.

Blue Teddy in a Basket

From diapers to car seats, we are always in need of donations of items that we can use to support our clients.  Check out our wish list and connect with us on Facebook for specific donation drives, like October's "Cover That Pumpkin" diaper drive.

You can also support us by donating from our Amazon wish list!

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