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"Cover that Pumpkin" Diaper Drive

Diapers are often seen as a basic necessity for babies, but the reality is that many families in our community struggle to afford an adequate supply of diapers. This hidden crisis affects low-income families the most, placing them in a difficult position where they have to make tough choices between buying diapers and other essentials, such as food or utilities.

Keep a lookout for our adorable diaper drive boxes popping up all around town. 🧡 If you’d like to be a part of this incredible initiative and host a box for us, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’d be more than thrilled to drop one off! Let’s come together to make a difference in our community. 🤝💕

If you'd like to contribute a pack of diapers to our cause, you can find a collection box at any of the following locations: 👇

🎃Okeechobee Chamber of Commerce

🎃Okeechobee County Library

🎃Seacoast Bank

🎃South State Bank

🎃Okeechobee Tax Collector

🎃Rock Solid Christian Academy

🎃Health Synergy Clinical Research

🎃Moose Lodge North #1753

🎃Okeechobee Sherriff's Department

🎃Okeechobee Healthy Start

🎃Ding A Ling Deli

🎃City Hall

🎃The Tucker Group

🎃Stafford's Salon

🎃 World Class Academy Okeechobee North

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